[SOLVED] Downloaded Images Not Showing in Gallery Android

Once it comes to downloaded images not showing in gallery Android, gitch is the number one suspect in most of the cases. Hence, you should restart your smartphone at least once to reveal the downloaded image in your gallery. Additionally, you should unmount and remount your SD card. On occasions, deleiting .NOMEDIA file works wonders as well. Continue reading to be able to access downloaded images on your Android device.

Tips to solve downloaded images not showing in Gallery Android

#1. Restart Your Phone

Images disappear error can occur when your phone is lag or has software problems. So, the first option for you is to restart your phone, let it relax for a few minutes if possible, and open the Gallery to check whether these images appear or not.  

#2. Unmount SD card

With many Android phones, you have to unmount the SD card, then mount it again. Only after that, it can scan folders and image files and then let them be added into the Thumbnail of Gallery. To do this, here are steps:

Go to Settings, choose Storage, select unmount SD card after it’s unmounted. Again, select the mount SD card.

mount SD card

#3. Download fishbowl photo free app

This app enables you to find missing images. Follow this instruction

  1. Download Fishbowl Photo Free on Google Play/ CH Play
  2. Open the app → choose Menu
  3. Click Advanced, press Start Media Scanner. This app will close and scan for five minutes. Next, open your Gallery and check whether your desired pictures are there. If they still do not show up, check step 4.
  4. Click Advanced, choose find missing photos, next, tick picture folders, choose Menu, then add to Gallery

This is just an example app. You can choose any other apps that can scan your SD card.

#4. Find (.NOMEDIA) file

  1. Go to stored image/video folders  
  2. Go to Settings → Choose Hidden file → check if there is a (.NOMEDIA) file and delete it.


      3. Turn off and then turn on your Android

#5. Delete com.android.gallery3d folder

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to File Manager/ My File → choose Android → Data → find folder com.android.gallery3d
  2. Delete that folder in both internal and external SD card
  3. Go to Settings → choose Apps/ Application Manager → open Gallery → Clear Data
  4. Turn your phone off and wait for a few minutes. Next, switch it on and wait for two to three minutes again. Then, all images or videos would be showing in your Gallery.

You can apply those ways for internal as well as external SD card, so try them all!

However, sometimes, if it still not work for your Android phone, please bring it to the electronic shops for the best support.

Final Thoughts

These are the five best ways to fix downloaded images not showing in gallery Android. Hope that it will work for you. If you find this article helpful, why don’t you share it with your friends or anyone who is having the same problem?

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