Best Ways for Android Auto Parking Brake Bypass 

Recently, Milagromobilemarketing has received another wave of similar Android related issue. The majority of our readers said that for some reasons, Android Auto App doesn’t work after the installation, and have the phone plugged in. Afterwards, they just keep the message “please park the vehicle to resume operation”, or something along that line. 

Android auto parking brake bypass

We have exchanged quite a bit of information and done some investigation on the matter. So, please allow us to show you some Android auto parking brake bypass in this article. 

Proper set-up order 

Before we touch on the parking brake bypass, let’s make sure there is nothing wrong with the most basic set-up first. 

If it is the first time your devices are working with Android Auto App, you should complete the set-up process before plugging in your devices. 

Doing so would help the software as well as all your gadgets to run smoothly without getting the “the vehicle must be parked” warning. However, if you have already done that, and the message is still there, read on. 

Depending on the gadget you are using, the instructions differ slightly, or even entirely. 

Properly wired the unit 

There is a high chance that the unit you have installed isn’t wired and appropriately grounded. There is a wire that is used for sensing the brake in the vehicle, and if it is not grounded firmly, it will automatically assume the car hasn’t been parked yet. 

This wire is mostly green in most gadgets, but consult the installation instruction manual to find out which wire it is and ground it properly before proceeding further. 

Properly wired the unit

How to bypass the auto brake 

Has everything been done correctly as above thus far, but the annoying message is still there? Here is how to bypass it. 

As mentioned above, there should be a green wire that is used to sense the brake. In some cases, there will be a piece of paper wrapped around it. It usually has some sort of indication on the paper such as PRK SW, or something similar. Here is what you do: 

Step 1: Cut off the tip of the wire and get rid of the piece of paper, so that it wouldn’t be in the way later on. 

Step 2: Trim back the plastic part a bit to expose the copper wiring inside. 

Step 3: Put the ring terminal on the tip, and give it a bit of clip to firmly mount the ring on it. 

the ring terminal

Step 4: On the other side, there should be a port with a screw. Take it off, then put the screw through the hole of the ring terminal. 

Step 5: Screw the wire back in the port where you just took the screw out, and tighten it back down. 

Step 6: Make sure the wire is appropriately managed to avoid getting tangled up. 

Step 7: Plug the bypassed device back in to see if the warning message is still there. 

Wrapping up

There you go folks, that is the best way for Android auto parking brake bypass. Of course, as mentioned, there will be differences depending on which gadget you are using. The principle is about the same, though.

However, if you are concerned, send an email to Milagromobilemarketing, or leave a comment down below for quick confirmation from out tech-support. 

That’s it. As always, thank you for visiting Milagromobilemarketing, and we will see you in the next article

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