[SOLVED] Dropbox Camera Upload Not Working Android

Dropbox camera upload not working Android is a common issue that causes Android users a lot of trouble. Even so, it is not challenging to find efficient methods of coping with it. With some simple steps, you can recover the function of uploading photos and videos.

In the article today, Milagromobilemarketing wants to introduce you to the best solution for this problem. Please spend your valuable time reading the information below. 

Dropbox camera folder

What should you do when Camera Uploads is not working? 

Wifi Manager for Android

Camera uploads is a useful feature offered Dropbox. It allows you to upload photos or videos to your Dropbox account. Immediate after enabling camera uploads, you can carry out this task at your fingertips. 

However, if you have some problems with features of camera uploads, an error notification will be sent to your device. At that time, it is advisable to follow the steps below:     

Step 1: Make sure your Wifi network is working well

The wifi instability is sometimes one of the main reasons leading to that fact that camera uploads cannot work smoothly. For this reason, take notice of your wifi network.

If the network you are using is unstable, you let your device be in airplane mode and choose a different wifi network for connecting.

Step 2: Check if your battery is charged or not

In reality, if your Android is not powered by battery, the upload speed certainly will be affected considerably. Therefore, check your battery to see if it is charged.

If you find that there are some problems with the battery, please recharge it to take more electrical power so that your device can operate effectively.

Step 3: Try updating a new version of Dropbox

The last version of Dropbox

Next, what you need to do is download the latest version of Dropbox for Android by taking the following steps:

  • Come to visit Google Play Store and search for Dropbox 
  • Click on Install to start the download
  • Follow the instructions to install the Dropbox .exe file on your Android 

Step 4: Upgrade your Android operating system to run Dropbox

check the android os

You want to run Dropbox on your Android; then you are required to have a device running Android 4.4 and up. Therefore, you need to know your current OS and update it if necessary.

Step 5: Disable the apps that take uploaded photos from your Android 

disable google photo from your android

Some Android photo apps such as Google Photos, Photo Gallery, and iCloud Photos will receive the images uploaded from your device. For camera uploads of Dropbox to operate normally, you have to delete all these apps.

The fact shows that you cannot avoid some errors like that while using camera uploads. When seeing the message “Waiting to upload” or something like that, please try making all the steps above.

After you finish this process, Milagromobilemarketing believes that you will overcome the difficulties you are having with your Android.

In conclusion

There will certainly be several errors when you use camera uploads on your Android. At times it is unable to help you to upload photos and videos from Android devices to your Dropbox account. That being said, as you can see, Milagromobilemarketing has provided you with some methods for resolving this complication. Hopefully, you can apply one of them to improve your situation.

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