[SOLVED] Android Gmail Can’t Download Attachment

Despite being well-known for providing a variety of user-friendly features, the Android OS sometimes makes customers dissatisfied.

For example, one of the most common errors is that Android Gmail can’t download attachment. Recently, for some reason, quite a few people have dealt with this error that will cause considerable inconvenience for Android users.  

You are an Android user and have the same problem? Have you ever found out any solutions to this issue? If the answer is “nope”, it is highly recommended to refer to the information below.

Gmail on Android

How did the problem come?

You want to use your Android to download attachments in your Gmail app but for certain reasons, this process cannot be completed. 

When you tap on the screen to open these attachments, the pop-up keeps showing 0% although you wait for several minutes. When tapping on Download, you also see nothing working. Even no notifications display.

As usual, if unexpected situations come to your Android Gmail, you will have to face the problem in this way or something like that. 

Although you have made a great effort to apply different methods like deleting cache and resetting your mail accounts, you still have not seen any improvements in this issue.

Any solutions for this complication? Keep reading to take the best methods for your Android problem.

Can't download attachments on your Android Gmail

How can you fix the issue of downloading attachments?

It is not challenging for you to fix this error on your Android smartphone. If you have already tried various ways and have not been successful in solving this issue, it is advisable to follow the instructions below:

Uninstall your Gmail app on Android

What you need to do first is to uninstall your Gmail app. If you cannot remove it from your Android, it is likely that your Gmail is a pre-installed app in the Android system. 

In this case, it is recommended to root your Android by using some rooting tool from a third party. Then, you certainly can uninstall any system apps, including Gmail app.

Restart your Android device

After being successful in uninstalling the Gmail app, you need to restart your device.

The restart usually makes your Android run more smoothly. Besides, it helps to fix some common errors.

Download and install the latest Gmail app on your Android

Download Gmail app on Android

It is quite simple to download the latest version of Gmail from Play Store and install it on Android. Just a minute!

After getting the app for your Android, you need to enable the Gmail app you have downloaded with the steps below:

  1. Go to Setting 
  2. Select Apps, then tap on All apps
  3. Tap on Gmail and choose disable and enable again

After finishing all these steps, you open the updated Gmail and wait for it to sync with your Android phone. Then, it is sure that you can open and download any attachments on your Android Gmail. 

For the final word

Regardless of why your Android Gmail cannot download attachments, hopefully, you can escape from this issue by following the guide above.   

The fact remains that although the Android OS is currently one of the most friendly in the digital world, you still have to suffer from some troubles while using an Android device.

Therefore, as an Android user, it is necessary for you to learn how to deal with common issues on Android devices. For more useful Android tips and tricks, visit our site at www.milagromobilemarketing.com