APK Virus Scanner- Indispensable tool for Android

Viruses are now not a threat on the PC platform, it appears in the operating systems on phones, especially the new generation phones and phones running open operating systems like Android. The worrying about data breach or theft is becoming more and more perturb for Android phone users, especially those who often use APK. APK virus scanner is an indispensable tool for Android phones, which often contain APK files

APK virus scanner

APK virus scanner- an indispensable tool


APK stands for Android package kit which is an archive needed files to install an Android application. When you download an app from Google Play, this app will be automatically installed on your phone. Conversely, after downloading an APK file, you can install manually this app at any time you want, the file is kept in the Download folder on your phone.

APK files are used to install apps and games from outside the Play Store on Android devices. And because APK files are not available on the Play Store, in some cases, the APK files you download may be injected and attached to malicious software that’s harmful to your Android device. One of the solutions to prevent viruses from attacking your device is to only download APK files from reliable sources. ApkTovi is a trusted source that you can refer to, they have verification signature from Google. Besides, keep reading to know how to check if an APK file contains viruses or not by the APK virus scanner.



Metadefender allows users to upload APK files up to 140 MB and scan these APK files with various antivirus tools to check whether the APK files contain viruses or not. All compressed APK files will be decompressed and scanned. To use APK virus scanner Metadefender, you can head on their official website.


Metadefender- a useful APK virus scanner


Similar to Metadefender, NVISIO APK Scan allows you to upload APK files through a web browser to scan files that are not limited in the size of APK files. All you need to do is select the APK file via the file selection popup of the operating system and then click on Scan. Then wait patiently until the scanning process is complete. A plus point of this tool is that you can send the result to your email. To use this APK virus scanner tool, you can go to the website of NVISIO APK Scan.


The working interface of NVISO APK Scan


VirusTotal is another free tool that’s just the same as the previous two mentioned above. It analyzes carefully your APK files and helps to detect viruses and malware that may be attached to the APK file. Besides the ability to analyze thoroughly, the only downside of this tool is its file limit which maxes out at 128MB

virus total

Virus Total- Free scanning virus tool


Malwarebytes is a free and useful tool in anti-malware as it not only stops hackers and malware but also cleans up an infected device. Head into the Malwarebytes app and select a scan, which should then flag the exact apps that contain a threat to your device. Besides, the app allows you to remove the malware directly. 




That’s all APK Virus Scanner that I introduce to you, I hope it will be helpful for you. Good luck!

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