[SOLVED] Android Device State Locked – Guide

The Android device state locked is the problem that creates a headache for Android users. As usual, many people choose to enable security to protect their devices. The fact shows that this is an effective method. Two common security methods here are pattern lock and personal identification number. 

However, if you forget your password, everything will get worse. This forgetfulness may drive you to the situation that you cannot access your phone. Anyway, don’t worry a lot. With just a few steps, you can bypass them and gain access to your Android.

Locked Android device

How to access your locked Android

There are two main methods used for bypassing your locked screen.

Method 1: Use Android Device Manager

Step 1: Access Android Device Manager on a computer 

The state of your Android is locked; therefore, you need a computer or an alternative device to deal with this problem. 

On your computer, you enter google.com/android/devicemanager into the address bar or download the Android Device Manager app. 

You can apply this method to most Android devices purchased in the past few years, as long as your device has been connected to a Google account.

Step 2: Sign in to your Google account

You will have to provide some information to log in to your Google. Be sure to enter the account connected with your Android if you own several accounts on the computer.

Step 3: Click on Lock at the bottom

If you have lots of Android devices, you’ll see a list at this step. Seeing below, you will find the categories, including Erase, Lock, and Ring, on the left. 

Click on Lock to set a temporary password that will overwrite your current  PIN or pattern lock.

How to unlock Android devices

Step 4: Create a new password

Set up a new password for unlocking your Android device. You can write it somewhere to avoid forgetting.

After that, you will be required to confirm the password.

Step 5: Click Lock to apply the new password

After filling all the required information, you click on Lock at the lower right corner. After that, there will be a notification below the three options of Erase, Lock, and Ring.

Step 6: Enter the new password on your Android

Enter the password you just set up on the locked screen. Then, you can access the locked device. Wait about 5 minutes for the new password to take effect.

Method 2: Bypass pattern lock (Android 4.4 and lower)

Bypass pattern lock

Step 1: Log in to the device 5 times with a wrong password 

Note that you only use this method for the pattern lock. For access to the option of screen lock resetting, you need to enter the wrong password 5 times. For each time, move your finger through at least 4 points.

Step 2: Select “Forgot Pattern?” 

When you tap on “Forgot Pattern” at the bottom of the screen, the screen of the lock bypassing will appear.

Step 3: Enter the backup PIN

If you remember the backup PIN that you created when setting up the pattern lock, you can enter it at this step to unlock the device. In contrast, you don’t remember your PIN, then open it with your Google account.

Step 4: Enter your Google account information 

You can log in to your Google account to bypass the screen lock on the condition that the account is associated with your device.

All in all

If unluckily you forget the password for accessing the device, don’t worry so much. With the solutions above, you certainly will solve Android device state locked and connect your Android at your fingertips.  

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