[SOLVED] Red Triangle with Exclamation Point Android Recovery

Your android phone is getting the red triangle with exclamation point Android recovery problem? If yes, then click here to find out how to get rid of this error.

This issue happens when you reboot or trying to root your Android phone. Your phone will not get into the main interface as usual; instead, a red triangle with an exclamation point symbol will pop up.   

red triangle with exclamation point android recover

It is actually very common with Android devices, at least more common than you think.

So what does red triangle with exclamation point android recovery mean? 

It means there is a conflict between software or other things causing the Android operating system to crash. You need some specific techniques to recover the system

Now milagromobilemarketing will guide you on how to fix dead Android with the red triangle.

Red exclamation mark Android recovery

Using Android System Recovery

The primary purpose of this solution is getting into the recovery mode to reset the Android system. Please follow these steps carefully. 

  • Power off your phone as you usually do.
  • For Samsung phones, press and hold the volume up, home page and power (aka the one you press to screen lock) to bring up the system recovery menu. For Android devices of other brands, press and hold the volume up and the power button. 
  • You might have to research the specific way to bring up the system recovery menu if the above methods do not work.
  • The recovery menu allows you to adjust several features such as wipe cache, wipe data/factory reset, reboot, etc. 
  • Use the volume button to move up and down, then use the power button to enter your choice. 
  • Now choose the “reboot” option, your phone will boot up instantly to get the main screen as usual. 

red triangle with exclamation point android recover

  • But if the red exclamation point triangle still comes back, then redo the first step to get into the menu option again. Select the wipe cache partition at this time and reboot your phone. 
  • The worse is your phone still gets into trouble even though you have done two solutions above. Then there is only one option that can solve this problem, which is the “wipe data/factory reset.” But this option will delete all files on your phone, making your phone become a new one you buy from a store. 

Using Safe Mode 

If the problem mainly comes from the conflict between your phone’s apps. Then another way to fix this problem is to delete the apps that you suspect it’s the source of error. 

But now you cannot go into the main screen, so how can you remove the app? “Safe Mode” option is genuinely your hero.  

Safe Mode on Android only runs applications that are preinstalled on the phone, not running the applications that the user installs. Follow these steps to get into Safe Mode.

red triangle with exclamation point android recover

  • Turn on the power by holding the power button, when the device is booting, hold the volume down button. 
  • When your phone has finished booting, and the word “Safe mode” will appear in the left corner of the screen. 
  • If the volume down button does not work, then power off and on the phone again using the down button, or even both. Different devices have different ways to bring up safe mode. So maybe lookup on the internet if none of the above works.

It cannot use the applications that you have installed, but you can delete all of them in this mode. To log out the Safe Mode, reboot your phone. 


Milagromobilemarketing hopes that you enjoy our guidance on a red triangle with exclamation point android recovery. 

If your device continues to crash even all of the above solutions have been attempted. Then, as always, it has to be a hardware problem. The best solution now is that you should contact and bring your device to the manufacturer for repair or a replacement. 

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