[SOLVED] Youtube App Black Screen With Sound Android

Youtube is a web-based platform allowing you to enjoy media content from other people and vice versa. In order to make access to Youtube more convenient on the smartphone, the manufacturer has made the app platform for Youtube. This app has become very popular for not only Android devices but also iOS. 

However, there is one small issue that annoys users. It’s the Android Youtube app black screen with sound error. When you get this problem, the only thing you can see is a screen of only black color. You don’t know what the content of videos looks like; there aren’t any images but only the sound. This is such an uncomfortable error for everyone. But don’t worry, milagromobilemarketing will give you the instructions to fix this issue instantly.

Youtube app appears black screen on Android phone

How to fix the Android Youtube app black screen with sound

Check the network connection on the device

The first reason for this error is a potential issue with the network connection on the device. 

You need to check whether your device has a stable wifi connection and if the internet data is still available or not. 

If there is a problem with the wifi connection, then you need to reset the Wifi hotspot. Reboot your phone if the problem comes from your internet data. 

Change the quality of Youtube videos

Not many people believe that changing the quality of YouTube videos will help you get rid of the Android Youtube app black screen with sound error. But the truth is that this method is very useful in most cases. 

You can follow these steps below to change the quality of Youtube videos

  • Select YouTube apps and run any video you want to watch. Of course, you only see the black screen while your app is having a problem 
  • At the video player interface, tab the three-dots icon at the right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Then tab on the Quality item on the form at the bottom of the screen.

Select the suitable video quality

  • Finally, select the lower resolution. Typically, your phone might not be able to handle high-quality video for some reason when you open it, so you need to reduce the video quality. Right after this step, the system will proceed to reload the video immediately and play it as usual.

Clear the cache of the app

You can clear the cache to fix almost errors occurring during video playback on the YouTube app.

The cache is a temporary storage of a software system, helping to retain certain types of data. The cache saves your frequent option to get faster access in the future. 

Clearing the cache will reset the application to its default state.

To clear the cache, go to Settings => Apps => YouTube. On the YouTube application information page, tap on Storage then choose the Clear Cache option.

Stop to clear the Youtube app cache

Update the latest version of Youtube app for Android

This method is the last solution you can attempt if the YouTube app still shows a black screen with sound even though you have done all the mentioned methods above. 

As your YouTube app might be an older version, you need to download the latest version to get rid of the error. 

Wrapping up

The Android youtube app black screen with sound is actually a common issue on the Android system. You can fix this issue by yourself, just follow all methods above correctly. 

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