FIXED! - All Things You Need to Know on Text Message Subject Line Android

Recently, Milagromobilemarketing has received waves of emails and messages inquiring about text message subject line Android

You can watch this step by step video:

Most of the queries are about how to add a subject line or missing subject line in text messages. Thus, we have decided to make a comprehensive guide to answer all these questions in one single swoop.

text message subject line Android

Issues and solutions 

How to add a subject line 

Different model of Android devices would have different ways to add subject line. However, most devices would conform to one of the following ways.

Top bar subject line 

After choosing a recipient and compose the message, you will see an empty bar at the top indicating a space to add a subject line. 

Some devices would show the subject line from the beginning, while others require a recipient and the message to be chosen and composed first. 

Plus or three dots icon 

For other devices, you have to tap on the subject line option to add them. Tap on the plus icon right next to the empty space (or three dots) to type the text, the box would show several options for you to choose from. 

text message subject line Android

Basically, it is the box where you normally access to send other stuff such as images, audio and so on. The subject line will be there, so tap on in and add subject line. 

No subject line error 

Some of our readers encountered the errors that show the subject line in the notification but gone as soon as they open the text message. 

It is peculiar, but Milagromobilemarketing has found out that there are two common causes for this subject line error in Android devices. 

Hangouts message app 

If you are using the Hangouts as default text message app, then here is the solution for you. Go to Settings, scroll down to Apps, Application management or Manage Apps depending on which model you are using. 

Tap on it, and locate Hangouts apps then tap on it too. You should be able to see the options to Clear data and Clear cache. Done, the problem should be gone now. 

However, if you are not using Hangouts to text, please try the solution below. 

Other third-party apps 

There might be a chance the error was caused when you installed another third-party app that does change to your text messaging app (text customization, more emojis, etc). To determine if that’s the case, reboot your Android in Safe mode.

To reboot your device to Safe mode, press and hold the power button for the power off option to show up. Then, press and hold the option to power off the device, and the device will ask if you would like to reboot to safe mode, then select yes. 

text message subject line Android

Note: Different model of Android devices might have different ways to access safe mode, so if that doesn’t work, please search the information for your specific device.

After your phone is booted into safe mode, check if the missing subject line error is still there. If the subject lines come back, then our suspicion has been confirmed. 

You need to locate that third-party and uninstall them. 

Wrapping up 

That’s about it folks. The missing subject line isn’t a serious issue. So, the solutions above and info should be able to account for most cases, and they are what you need to know about text message subject line Android. Just a quick note, if you have a rooted phone, then your issue maybe a bit more complicated and need a closer look. 

Anyway, Milagromobilemarketing has many more articles on Android issues, so remember to visit our site if you have another issue with your Android device. 


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