[SOLVED] All My Apps Keep Crashing Android

As different people tend to have different preferences, modern Android users install a wide range of apps on their phones. Thanks to the applications, it’s possible to improve various aspects of Android devices in the course of operation nowadays. That being said, apps come with their own set of troubles and crashing is one of the most annoying ones. Naturally, “all my apps keep crashing Android” is a topic that captured the interest of Android users around the globe.

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Breakdowns Of Crashing Apps On Android 

Android apps crashing? Here's what you can do to fix the problem

Frustrated by the fact that applications on your Android phone crash all the time but don’t know how to stop that? Then it’s strongly recommended that you take a look at this article. Down below, you would find all the information about the recurrent crashing of Android apps.

Android Apps Keep Crashing: Insights 

In use, Android devices experience a couple of issues but once it comes to apps crashing repeatedly, you should consider these causes.


In terms of consistency, the Android operating system runs well compared to its contemporaries. However, it’s worth pointing out that Android devices still suffer from bugs every now and then. A number of bugs on Android resolve by themselves over time but others could create persisting problems including regular crashes of apps. Assuming that the crashing of applications is the work of bugs, it’s necessary to remove the bugs to get the situation back to normal.

Corrupted Cache

To put it plainly, Android applications from system to third-party depend on cached data to accelerate an assortment of processes. Needless to say, if the cache becomes corrupted, apps on Android devices should go haywire. Unsurprisingly, in articles that cover the topic of “all my apps keep crashing Android”, corrupted cache occupies the top spots in the list of suspects. Unless people take measures to get rid of the corruption in the cache, there is a chance that the applications may keep crashing.

Lack Of Resources 

Overall, applications require resources to run so the more apps you open, the more resources your phone needs to commit. Thus, if you open too many apps at the same time, the resources of your phone would be stretched thin to support their operation. At best, your applications take more time to process actions than usual which slow everything down. At worst, the applications could crash from time to time until you free up enough resources on your phone to stabilize them.


Generally speaking, the Android OS as well as its applications receive periodic updates that optimize their operation. By keeping your Android phone and its apps up-to-date, you should be able to get the most out of them. On the other hand, if you neglect updates, obsolescence is going to bring forth various difficulties and the crashing of apps is a prime example. Fortunately, it’s possible to put an end to the crashing if you update the device and its applications.

Unstable Network Connection 

In case you don’t know, certain apps on Android could only run if they have access to a stable network connection. That means if you decide to launch such apps when the network connection of your phone is unstable, they tend to crash.

How To Prevent Apps From Crashing 

The causes for the crashing of applications on Android change between cases so quite a few fixes exist. Nonetheless, if you want the crashing to cease immediately, it’s widely advised that you try out these solutions.


Regardless of how modern Android devices get, restart remains one of the best fixes for errors like crashing apps. To restart your phone, press and hold the Power button, wait for the power menu to pop up then hit Restart. Cannot see Restart on the power menu? Then you could turn off your phone via the Power off option and, wait a bit and turn it back on using the Power button.

Clear Cache  

  • Step 1: Go to Settings
  • Step 2: Choose Apps
  • Step 3: Select applications that keep crashing
  • Step 4: Hit Clear Data and Clear Cache options
  • Step 5: Restart the device after you finish clearing everything

Force Stop/ Uninstall Applications 

So you have a habit of opening multiple applications simultaneously? Then that is probably responsible for crashes that your apps experience at that moment. To improve the stability of your applications, it’s a good idea to force stop some of them to allocate more phone resources to the rest. The Force Stop option stays in the same location as Clear Data and Clear Cache so you would be able to get to it easily.

Besides that, you should also use the opportunity to look through applications on the device to uninstall non-essential ones. By doing so, you could reduce the odds of apps crashing as you use your phone.

Update The OS And Apps

For the operating system, go to Settings, hit About Phone and select Check for Updates. If an update is available, follow the onscreen instruction to bring your Android OS to the later version. About applications, launch Google Play Store, hit the three horizontal lines on the top left corner and pick “My apps & games”. Depending on your demand, you may either select Update all to update all applications or tap individual apps to update them separately.

Check Out The Network Connection

If you notice that the crashing just occurs on apps with Internet requirements, you should give your network connection a look. For instance, if you connect a lot of devices to the router, the bandwidth for your phone could be too small to support apps. In addition to that, if the Internet service in your place is having technical difficulties, network connection would be unavailable. Feel free to get in touch with your network provider to determine what is going on.


How to Fix It When Apps Keep Crashing on Android

Is it possible to see the storage usage of applications?

Go to Settings, choose Storage and look under the Apps category to see how much storage your applications use. That is going to give you an idea about whether you should uninstall a couple of apps to free up a bit of space.

How do I secure Internet connection for my apps?

Go to Settings, hit Wireless & Networks and choose a network from the list that shows up. In the case that network is password-protected, you need to enter the password to connect to it. Besides Wifi, you always have the option to connect to the Internet using cellular data. No matter what you use, remember to turn Airplane Mode off to be able to surf the Internet.

What must be done to change app permissions?

Nowadays, during installation, applications ask for permissions to access particular details, settings and so on. To change app permissions, go to Settings, hit Privacy and tap Permission manager. In there, you could apply whatever changes to permission of apps on your Android phone as you like.

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