[SOLVED] All about MediaDrug App for Android

Living in homo sapiens class, it cannot be denied that you are into some habit to unwind the pressure, anxiety or strain within. Here is where music comes into the picture, it is a good idea to create your favorite music collections to relax your physical and mental health peacefully. With the suitable free music download app for your Android smartphone named MediaDrug app, you can jolt your music train to achieve the relaxation destination. Let’s keep reading this article to find out thoroughly all intriguing and superb features of MediaDrug app for Android

The MediaDrug overview

MediaDrug is a forceful Mp3 music search engine, offering access to thousands of tracks via a single tap. With MediaDrug app installed, you can look 100+ Mp3 sources for music files at no cost available to the public. Moreover, you also search for tracks, artists and albums in great details.

MediaDrug app on Android
MediaDrug app on Android

The MediaDrug app on Android is an outstanding source of mp3 song downloads for your Android phone. MediaDrug is a must-have application that allows you to download millions of mp3s for free. Especially, it requires no invasive ads and the interface is handy and simple to use. This app is compatible with Android version 2.2 and higher.

MediaDrug mp3 downloader lets you download music files on high-speed without any restrictions. The album downloader is another excellent feature covered by MediaDrug which allows you to get full albums on your phone without any extra work requirements. In MediaDrug app, in addition to the music downloader, it also offers a large number of playlist organizer features, which makes for pleasant user experience and assists in widely expanding your Android phone’s music library.

The MediaDrug outstanding features

Download full albums with the click of a mouse

With MediaDrug app on Android, there is nothing simple as downloading entire music albums within a few steps. As usual, when we would like to seek a favorite song or a full artist’s discography we spend a lot of time browsing it on the Internet. However, now instead of looking for songs through multiple search engines, you can employ MediaDrug app to do all these things. This excellent software will seek and display speedily your preferred songs any time you want.


MediaDrug app features
MediaDrug app features

In order to download or listen to songs you like, you just need to input a query and wait for a complete list of songs. With a click, you can immerse yourself in the music world. Sheer convenience is what MediaDrug music downloader app supplies.

 Listening to music online and downloading music

MediaDrug music downloader app on Android
MediaDrug music downloader app on Android

When you want to listen to your favorite music, it is not necessary for you to download all music files to your hard drive. The MediaDrug’s effective program will search for songs that you are interested in and you can always listen to them on command. To store the tracks to your local music collection, you can do so easily in MediaDrug app.

Obviously, that with MediaDrug app installed on your devices, filling the memory of your personal computer is needless because MediaDrug app can store your queries for playback at any time, all without overloading your hard drive. You can store as many songs as you like and the program will save your favorite music. This brings you the chance to hear all songs straight from the Internet. 

Complete-featured playlists 

A lot of people want to listen to music in playlists and MediaDrug app assists you in making it both easy and convenient to produce them. All you need to do is shift a song from the left side to the right side of the window. You can also add songs that are already on your hard drive to a new playlist. With MediaDrug you easily mix various playlists.

MediaDrug music app for Android

MediaDrug app offers playlist features. This is very convenient if you demand to listen to music consistently by creating a sequence of songs to be played on command. MediaDrug helps you to place all of the desired songs into a playlist, so you no longer need to switch songs frequency. The advantage is that MediaDrug program does not limit the playlist size so your favorite music playlist can be played a whole day with a variety of different songs.

Clever tab system for easy access

In MediaDrug, the system of tabs is quite similar to systems used in modern web browsers. It is possible to save history formed from previous searches. It is also handy because it lets you return to your earlier search results at any moment. You can use the tabs to generate new playlists as well.

MediaDrug app for music download on Android
MediaDrug app for music download on Android

A tab system lets you seek new-released music items while totally preserving former search results. In case you are a music amateur, frequently listening to and searching for new songs, the history of your searches may become overwhelming. It is extremely irritating when the song you have looked for is not remembered just because the program is not created to maintain a search history. MediaDrug app definitely never behaves this way so your mp3 music library will only expand larger.


Here is everything about the MediaDrug app on Android. Let’s install this app on your devices and enjoy the music every day. Leave comments below if you have any questions or recommendations.

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