[SOLVED] What Is Game Optimizing Service App & Disable It

As the name suggests, Game Optimizing Service helps shape mobile gaming experiences of Android users. While there is no doubt that Game Optimizing Service helps a lot at times, it causes issues on occasions too. Continue reading to learn what must be done to disable and enable Game Optimizing Service Android.

What is Game Optimizing Service app on Android/Samsung?

Game Optimizing Service app is a system application included in the Tools category and created by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Game Optimizing Service is installed on Samsung smartphone by default. It is also referred as bloatware. Samsung Game Optimizing Service is an app for Samsung devices that aims to help you make use of your device’s performance when it comes to playing games. Through this app, you will not have any performance problems or annoying lags while playing games.

Game Optimizing Service app on Android
Game Optimizing Service app on Android

Bloatware is some applications which come pre-installed with your smartphone device. These things may not cause any harm to your device but you cannot remove them to your device. Game Optimizing Service app on Android is also one of the pre-installed Bloatware apps in the Samsung phone. For that reason, it cannot be uninstalled or deleted

The meaning of game optimization

Optimization is the process in the game development which is ongoing. The term game optimizing directly refer to the development process of the game where improves the game performance for the best and another side it should take advantages of the hardware resources.

Android Game Optimizing Service app
Android Game Optimizing Service app

How to enable Game Optimizing Service in Android phone

  • Go to the Settings
  • Choose Notification
  • Tap more and choose advance
  • From the top right corner choose the three dots sign
  • Then choose “show system apps
  • In the System Apps section, you can find the game optimizing service app.
Game Optimizing Service
Game Optimizing Service

How to disable Game Optimizing Service to avoid the interruption

As usual, you never notice or concern about the pre-installed apps on your device till your phone shows that “Your storage is full”. After that, when you check which apps are draining your power or taking storage, you find out that Bloatware apps are the reason. 

Turn off Game Optimizing Service app on Android
Turn off Game Optimizing Service app on Android

Currently, Android users complain about the problem is that they are getting a lot of notifications on their phone by the Game Optimizing Service which is really annoying. As a result, they demand to disable or remove this application to limit notifications which do not make any sense. However, as mentioned, it is not possible to stop the game optimizing service app on your Samsung device. Therefore, the best way is to turn off Game Optimizing Service app only. It means that you can block the notification in a few clicks with ease but deleting the app to show notification is not possible.

Here is the method to switch off Game Optimizing Service on Android mobile

  • Open your phone
  • Go to the Game Launcher
  • On the top right of the screen, you will see three dots, just tap here
  • Then tap Settings
  • Then you have to disable the marketing information.
Disable Game Optimizing Service app
Disable Game Optimizing Service app


We hope that through this article, you will get a lot of useful information about Game Optimizing Service on Android phone. 

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