[SOLVED] Phone Call Speaker Sound Distorted Android

Are your Android phone speakers broken, inaudible, or distorted?  There are many reasons for this problem. It may come from the net of loudspeakers which contacts directly with the outside environment and accumulates dirt or software errors.

To help you test and fix before using paid repair service, the following article of milagromobilemarketing will provide the seven best ways to fix distorted audio Android effectively.

Get Rid of Distorted Audio Android in 7 Effective Ways

#1. Software Error

To check if it is a software error, you restart the phone. That should get rid of any apps running in the background (which they are not supposed to).

Next, you need to check the audio input with the built-in speaker setup. If you regularly connect your phone to a speaker or wireless headset, it may still be connected to another device.

Go to Settings -> Connected devices/Connections to see if your phone is connected to any Bluetooth audio input. While you are at it, might as well go to the sound settings and confirm if you accidentally turn on Silent or Do Not Disturb on Android.

If the problem persists, then #3 to #6 should be able to help. However, keep reading on for other methods of checking the issue.

Fix Distorted Audio Android

#2. Check the volume

Sometimes, the external speaker of your Android phone is distorted or small during operating due to a weak network, leading to a slow connection or transmission.

You can fix it by checking the wave column, network status and moving to an area with a better signal.

Another reason for distorted sound is the volume level which you are setting. Maybe the small sound comes from the minimum level while the distorted sound appears when adjusting to a slightly high sound level.

#3. Start the Phone in Safe Mode

There are rare occasions when the distortion is actually caused by a third party application without your knowledge. In this case, starting your phone in safe mode and test if the issues with audio still persist.

To access Safe mode for Samsung phones, press and hold the power button to turn off and on the phone as usual. When you see the Sam Sung message (or whatever start-up message your model has), press and hold the volume down button. There should be a message or icon somewhere indicating you are in safe mode.

If you don’t use this brand, remember to search how to enter Safe mode for your specific devices.

Fix Distorted Audio Android

#4. Clean the Speaker Net

The speaker net often accumulates dirt, hindering the ability to play sound. You should clean it by blowing air or using compressed air into the speaker. The best way is to scrub with an old brush or a cotton swab gently. Or you can disassemble the phone and clean the inside.

#5. Perform a Hard Reset

For Samsung, you can perform a hard reset to return the phone to its original state by going to Settings -> Backup and reset -> Reset settings. For other brands, please search for the specific way to restore to a previously backed-up  version.

#6. If the Speaker Gets Wet, Dry It

The typical consequence when the phone falls into water is the speaker sustaining water damage. If this problem occurs, dry your phone immediately. You can blow hot air, put it in a bowl of rice or a bag with moisture-proof packs. 

Besides, you can use the Speaker Cleaner application to emit a vibrating sound that helps with unclogging and shaking the dirt and water off the speaker. 

Speaking of which, in need of a speaker cleaner app? Check out our site  https://milagromobilemarketing.com and you will find not just speaker cleaner apps but many more.

Fix Distorted Audio Android

#7. Get Professional Help

If none of these methods fix your problem, you probably have a hardware error. Take it to the repair store for professional advice.

Wish You a Successful Repair

So, you already know the seven best ways to fix why does my phone speaker sound weird. Do it as soon as your phone has any audio distortion issues to prevent further damage. If you find it helpful, don’t forget to share the article for many people to know or leave your experience here.

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