[SOLVED] Android Keyboard Not Showing Up on Lock Screen

About Android Keyboard not showing up on lock screen, it’s highly likely that a system update is the cause and you should consider restarting. Besides that, it’s wise to clear the cache, perform a factory reset and so on. Check out this article to regain access to the keyboard of your Android device. 

Five ways to fix keyboard doesn’t appear on lock screen Android/Samsung

#1: Reboot the device

It must be the first thing coming up when anything wrong happens on digital devices. By holding power off button, the device will soon be rebooted, which is known to solve the problems.

Sometimes, it is not that simple. If the power button doesn’t work as supposed, you can try holding it with volume down for a while. It’s another way to reboot android phones. 

 Reboot the device

Unless the situation gets better, you should try the next solution.  

#2 Clear cache

Clearing cache is another way to reboot, but it can fix some software malfunction before restarting.

You must turn the power off first. To turn the phone on, you have to press volume up while pressing both home key and power button until the phone vibrates. 

When vibration comes, finger off all buttons but the volume up.

By doing so, the recovery menu will appear.

Once the menu shows up, use volume up and down to navigate selections. “Wipe cache partition” is what you need to choose — pressing the home key to confirm your choice.

Clear cache

Reboot the device after all and wait for seeing the keyboard.

For some Samsung devices which have no home keys, Bixby button can replace.

#3 Reset without deleting data

In case rebooting doesn’t help with the situation, it is necessary to dig deep into the operating system and fix the matter programmatically.

To do so, you need to unlock the device first. But, the keyboard doesn’t work!

Why don’t use the external keyboard to input password. There are micro USB slot transfers which can connect your phone to external devices.

At the time you unlock the device, let’s immediately go to settings to remove all types of screen locking system. It is because, for the next stages, we have no trouble in identifying passwords by keyboard anymore.

You might want to go to the latest mobile app you installed to uninstall it. 

Why is it necessary? As it could be the cause of this malfunction. 

Now, it’s time to reset the system but not delete your files. Seek reset and backup option in the general management then come to select the original factory. The phone will go back to its initial settings, but your data stay intact.

Reset without deleting data

#4 Deep factory reset

In case the malfunction wasn’t because of some latest apps you just purchased, you need to do a deep factory reset. And yes, this manipulation will delete everything once exist in your device.

Therefore, let’s get all files copied to external facilities. For contacts on your phone, we recommend synchronizing in personal emails.

Now, it’s fine to reset all settings.

Deep factory reset

#5 Go to the factory for hardware fixing

Worst of all, a malfunction occurs because of broken hardware. We can do nothing but get the device checked by experts.

Wrapping ups

We cannot avoid technical malfunctions while using digital devices. So, let’s keep calm and correct how can i unlock my phone if the keyboard is not working.  Someday when your Android look screen not showing keyboard error happens, do not panic but take step by step calmly. It will be fixed, or the suppliers will have your back! If you find this article useful, please share or leave a comment to let us know. Visit our website at milagromobilemarketing.com.