[SOLVED] 4 Simple Steps to Get a Popsocket off Your Phone

You love using popsocket to decorate your phone and suddenly one day, you get tired of it and want to get popsocket off your phone case. But you have no idea on how to remove the popgrip quickly without taming your phone case? You got into the right place, we will instruct on how to get a popsocket off your phone case within 4 simple steps.

How to get a popsocket off your phone
How to get a popsocket off your phone

What are PopSockets?

PopSockets are electronic accessories majorly used with phones and tablets which may be plastic or metallic depending on the manufacturer, most of the time comes in the circular shape used to make a device easy more comfortable to hold and a when taking selfies, this accessory also makes a mobile device easy to mount on any surface. They come in a variety of colors and can be customized on the PopSocket website

PopSockets have a sticky adhesive which makes it glued to the back of flat devices or device cases. PopSockets can be pulled so that it extends like a small accordion making way for the finger to be easily slipped underneath between the PopSocket and your device, therefore, giving users a more comfortable and tighter grip of their devices.

Why were PopSockets invented?

It is quite interesting to note that the popular PopSockets which is getting popular with mobile device users particularly the Millenials has surpassed the initial purpose intended for it. David Barnett who founded this phone accessory initially intended to solve the problem of earpiece tangling which was quite frustrating to him.

It is easy to notice that the PopSocket accessory is divided into 2 parts; the PopTop which comes off easily and is removed when one gets bored of the same look and the adhesive disc which is the base; removing the base is not as straightforward as the PopTop.

How to easily remove the PopSocket

The following steps are highlighted to remove the PopSocket easily

Step 1: Push the top of the popsocket down if it is its expanded position

If the PopSocket is in the expanded position push down the top; trying to remove the PopSocket in the expanded position could lead to the top of the PopSocket being separated from its base so it is advisable to first collapse the PopSocket making it flat with respect to the body of your device.

How to get a popsocket off your phone
How to get a popsocket off your phone

Step 2: Place your fingernails under the base of the PopSocket

After ensuring step one, press your fingernails against the sides of the PopSockets base and gently push them until it slides off the surface of the device. If you are unable to do this with your fingernails,  there’s no cause for alarm as dental floss can be used to achieve this feat by sliding the dental floss under the adhesive.

Step 3: Gently pull the pop socket slowly off your phone

While trying to pull the pop socket grip it gently, pull it gently and slowly until the pop sockets come off by pulling it from one side to another until it is released.

N.B: It is important to note that when moving the pop socket from one device to another it is advisable to do this within the space of 15 minutes to prevent the adhesive gel from getting dried up.

How to get a popsocket off your phone
How to get a popsocket off your phone

Step 4: It is advisable to move the pop socket to another device while the adhesive gel is still sticky.


I hope after our article will resolve your problem and help you maintain the beauty of the case while removing the popsocket or simply change into a new popsocket.