[SOLVED] 3 Feasible Ways to Print Google Docs with Comments?

Google docs consist of community comments made by viewers. Sometimes you need to print google documents with comment extension. If you go directly to print it from google docs, you definitely can’t because comments are not a visible part of the document.

To print google documents with comments, you have to download it as a word file or webpage or a PDF in your device. Here below, we will discover ways to download google docs with comments and then how to print.

Google doc comment print
Google doc comment print

Way to print google docs with comments as Word 

Downloading your google doc with a comment in the Word format will be most helpful for printing your google doc with commentYou can download and print suggestions as well with comments on your google docs document.

Before printing, you have to download your google docs in the word format. For that, click for the option on the document, and click on download. From there, choose to download as a Word file, and after downloading, save it to your device.

Now the document is in your device if you want to print your google doc with a comment as it is. Then click for print and see a print preview. In print preview, you will see comments appearing on the left side of the document with their footnotes.

Google doc comment print
Google doc comment print

Here if you are willing to make any changes in the document, then open the file, which is already saved on your device, with Google docs. This time it will be the part of word file, and comments will also appear as part of word document. You can edit something there, like if you are willing to write anything on the document. Then you can write, and print google doc with comment extension from there.

Way to print google doc with comments as a web page

For printing your google doc with comments as a web pageYou have to click on the options of a Google doc. Out of those options, you have to choose to download as a web page. From there, download it and save this file as an HTML document.

Google doc comment print
Google doc comment print

Go to the file and give the command for printing, after seeing the print preview, you can print google doc with comments. In this situation, you can’t print suggestions because the document will, like ditto, whatever on the web page. The suggestion will be omitted; that’s why this method is preferred only when the ‘Word’ method is not available on your device.

Way to print google doc with comments as a PDF

To print google doc with a comment as a PDF, you will have to download google doc with comment initially as a word. After downloading as Word, open that word file with Google docs.

Now it won’t be the same google doc, so now convert it into PDF. You can share or print it at your convenience.


We have seen many methods to print google docs with commentsWith the help of Word, web page, and PDF, you can print your comments as a footnote. Using the word, you can also print suggestions. That’s why it is considered the best way.