Step by Step Guide to Fix Android Trusted Places not Working

Trusted Places are one of the most outstanding features in Android Smart Lock which was introduced in Android version 5.0 Lollipop. Trusted Places are the option that your phone will be unlocked when you enter part of specific locations where you have set up on your phone. Specifically, a Trusted Place lets you set a physical location such as your home or workplace at which you feel safe, so PINs and fingerprints which are security types will be turned off automatically. Conversely, when you aren’t at that location, your secure method will immediately show up and employ. For example, when you are at home, I am pretty sure that you check your phone regularly, so security tools on your phone can be time-consuming and even inconvenient in emergency cases. Therefore, Trusted Places will turn security and concern into something you don’t have to think about.

At first, you need to know these things related to Trusted Places. Trusted Places must be connected to wi-fi or 3G in order to locate accuracy in a specific location. Moreover, walls or ceilings can affect negatively your GPS signal which helps to find your locations. 80 meters is the maximum distance depended on your site.

However, sometimes, it stopped working constantly. This problem is actually popular in numerous Android devices. For instance, you cannot find exactly the locations or your phone do not stay unlock when you enter the chosen areas. Therefore, at some point, if Trusted Places becomes flaky, you should do these steps which help to solve quickly this trouble.  

How to fix inactive Trusted Places

Firstly, in Settings system,  you enter the Security, head into the Smart Lock section. 

Smart Lock 

*Note: In some devices, the users have to enter their security password before switching to the next part.

Next, tap Trusted Places, touch on the line for whatever location isn’t working correctly, and then tap Edit Adress to edit it.

Then, tap a map which will appear immediately,  use your finger to move the red pin to the most precise site on the map. If the location is correct from the get-go, you still should shift it around a bit to force the system to bring it up to date. It might adjust the text you see on the screen from a particular street address to a set of latitude and longitude coordinates.


Adjust the red pin to find the location

Lastly, tap the Update at the bottom of the screen to save the change, and then touch Home key to exit back to the home screen.

In short, I hope this guide will useful for you with whatever Android devices to have Trusted Places working again. 

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