Here is a nifty and very informative info-graphic that clearly illustrates just how much we all rely on and use mobile phones and smart mobile devices.

This info-graphic shows that we use our phones for pretty much everything.

Over 1 BILLION of the words 4 billion phones are now ‘smart’ and 3 billion are SMS enabled. It is widely predicted, and in our opinion inevitable, that by next year (2013) mobile internet usage will overtake desktop internet usage.  Already early in 2012, more than 60% of all “local” searches are done from a mobile device.

What does that mean for you?

Well if you own a local business, it would be pure folly to marginalize the growing importance and opportunity of mobile marketing. Nor for that matter the new mobile consumer – one that looks you up while they are on the move, and searches for products they want to buy as they take a break in a Starbucks. They have a high expectation of their mobile experience and give no quarter to slow loading, hard to read sites with poor navigation and page pinching.

Mobile Marketing is a bandwagon marketers and business owners have to jump on.

After all, mobile devices now account for half of the local searches (Infographic of statistics) and if customers can’t find you, they don’t shop with you at all.

Is a mobile website the essential business asset for 2012?

A well designed mobile website with easy to read text, big buttons, easy navigation and geo-located maps is not a simply a talking point any longer. When its done right, both mobile marketing and mobile websites are an essential business tool and asset.